Businesschicken.com was a joke I made at South by Southwest  in 2008 – a joke I made in front of hundreds of people online as part of Chris Pirillo’s live stream.  Fortunately for me, Chris Tran was watching the stream, happened to snag the URL and graciously turn it over to me and my husband for the purposes of chicken satire.  Any faults of this site are our own, of course, but if you like anything here, Chris and Chris are the reason you can see this domain name today.

My husband, who I shall refer to as “The J” is really the big chicken aficionado and truth be told, the main chicken keeper.  I am the one who added style to the equation – the sexy green  Omlet Eglu was my idea – and also, the irony.   The J and I went to England to visit a friend of mine who had a much bigger yard (like closer to an acre), a much bigger coop, and when we had our first  taste of REAL EGG at her house, I fell in love with the eggs, not the chickens.  The J, who  has a peculiar affinity for anything cute, and will not eat cute animals (comes down to being a fishitarian), fell in love with the chickens.

The main reason to do this site was to offer up (with due respect to Ben Huh, master entrepreneur)  an alternative to all those pictures of cats, and to satisfy the people who keep asking me once they know we have them:

“How’s your chickens?”

When it comes right down to it, it really doesn’t matter being a blog queen or a online community pioneer or having worked on one of the coolest publishing platforms for indie Xbox games – people really want to hear the adventures of Bossy Chicken, Shy Chicken, and Business Chicken.  Even though we don’t let them out of the yard much.  Here, we bring the yard to you.