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Ugh, avian flu in Hong Kong

This story by the Washington Post makes me grim (and also makes me wonder if the Hong Kong market was the bird market I visited while there earlier in the fall ) . 😦 I of course have a more fanciful … Continue reading

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Novel nesting idea

This is a visual I don’t want to spoil. But is not a view of a chicken commonly seen at our house. 🙂 Also we never let the eggs pile up like this – but go check it out. 🙂 … Continue reading

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More chicken cute overload from Kauai

Winter is getting us down here in Seattle so I figured I’d put up some of the cuter pictures from our trip to Kauai aka chicken island that you guys haven’t seen yet. Also, it reminds me what sun is … Continue reading

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Chickens on blocks for the winter

Because Jason is from Texas, where there are no doubt 1979 Corvairs or Pintos or Mustangs up on blocks with abundance, he gets to call the below arrangement “putting chickens on blocks” for the winter. What it really means is, … Continue reading

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Wintertime chickens and molting

It’s true, felted chickens have no feathers to lose… As I ramble around the Internet looking for good chicken resources and stray factoids, I came upon this one – winter lighting that prevents molting (Robert Palmondon’s chicken newsletter). Other sources … Continue reading

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Chicktionary – Winter Version

Sometimes it’s the little things that crack me up. Like how Club Bing’s Chicktionary has a new look. I kinda hope there’s a snowday because the anagram-finding can get ridiculously addictive.

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Kauai aka Chicken Island

When Seattle gets too gloomy, we tend to take a vacation that as one of our long suffering house-sitters puts it, allows us to “cheat on our chickens with other chickens.” The ridiculous thing about Kauai is of course, the … Continue reading

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A co-worker sends this animated GIF along. Betsy refuses to post it.

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