Bio: Shy Chicken

Shy Chicken is the redhead and she was so named because when we got her home, she was definitely the shyest of the three. She’s more petite,  more able to dart around Bossy Chicken, and the lowest on the pecking order. Over time though she started to make her nickname into an ironic statement – of the three, she’s the easiest to get her in a position to pick up and pet, and she puts up with more attention than the other two chickens.

Shy chicken’s eggs are smaller than Bossy Chicken but she was the first to start laying, and dependably so.  She’s the friendliest of all the chickens, so Shy is now more of an inverse nickname than a truthful statement of her personality.

One time when Shy was sick ( which we may or may not put into a blog post, it’s a little gross) there was a picture of me holding her which was exactly like the “newborn pose” that you see with mom and baby disheveled just resting at the hospital. It had been a long night of worry.

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