Olive Oil Chicken is obsessed

We were going to dinner on Saturday and Olive Oil Chicken decided to jump up on the fence and caw at us like mad.

Thiccc Olive Oil 1

Olive oil is a THICC chicken.

Thiccc Olive Oil 2

She then decided to stick her head into the plum tree flowers and go to town. She was absolutely obsessed with the plums on this tree last year so I guess she remembers it.

Thiccc Olive Oil Devouring Tree Flowers

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CHICKEN has leveled up!

CHICKEN has leveled up!  Developed a new SKILL!

Olive Oil New Skill

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Generational Turnover

New chicken have arriveed!!2121elenvty

In The Carrier



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Parasite threats

Based on UNSPEAKABLE EVIDENCE, it was determined the chickens had roundworm.  So Business Chicken 2.0 got a free trip to the vet.


Business 2.0 Vet Transport

She showed off those tail feathers.

Business 2.0 Shows Off

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Japanese chicken farm advertising

Seen under the rail tracks in the Ginza district of Tokyo.

Tokyo Ginza Chicken Street Ad

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Chicken mementos pay off

It’s art!

2016-02-02 Front Door Chicken Mesh Shadow

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Windstorm Chillin’

Seattle is having a minor rain and windstorm today and the birds just don’t approve. They’re hanging out on that roosting pole we built them looking adorable.


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