24 Hour Party Chickens

Led by the example of Business Chicken 2.0, other other birds have started sleeping on top of the coop. It’s a little strange.

That the photo ended up looking like a washed-out 1980s Polaroid with no work is an extra bonus.

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The criminal always returns to the scene of the crime

Actually it’s a myth that criminals always come back to the scene, but in this case it’s true!

I happened to look out at the window at the neighbor’s backyard, and oh, WHAT IS THAT?

. Business chicken’s killer returns!

Actually, that’s a really young hawk
, so at best it could be the no-doubt-evil descendant of Business Chicken’s assassin. Poor pigeon.

Technically, we have no evidence about what happened to Business, but we have our suspicions.

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Finally, new eggs!

The young ones certainly took their time to start laying.


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Molting Is Never Easy

Hot Spare Chicken is having a really rough time with molting this year, she looked like hell this morning. I was concerned after the sudden death of the last two, so I ran her by the vet this morning.

Nothing wrong so far looks like, but they advised to keep her inside. So, well, Living Room Chicken it is, there in the carrier.


In retrospect that Great Dane-sized dog create I bought a few months back was a little much.

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Coop gang warfare

Business 2.0 is a Captain Chicken of Industry. Observe as she surveys her varied interests.


Sadly, the established legacy interests of the Backup Chickens are not playing ball, and really do not want her to get into the coop. Being a self-reliant type, she just sleeps on top of it.


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The feral chickens of Kauai

They are so incredibly cute, whenever we go I’m just unsufferable about them. Here, take a look.

The many, many natives of the Spouting Horn:

An ice cream store with a resident chicken that transits the floor looking for leftovers:

The chicken themed behavior warnings of business:

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The young ones want to be fancy

I let the chickens run around the yard on weekends or after work. The young ones act oddly as the sun starts going down, often hanging out by my office window and flying at it at top speed. I usually chase them into their coop.

Yesterday I had left the downstairs door open, and I noticed it was getting dark without the usual squawking. Hey, what’s that clucking I hear from the living room?

Business 2.0 was settling in for the night on a chair:

Startup was trying to use the Xbox 360 Kinect sensor as a roosting bar:

While absurdly cute, I’d rather not clean up all the poop in the morning, so I sent them back out to their coop.

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