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Sometimes the chicken just comes home with you

an anonymous contribution about a chicken item that “wandered home” with someone…

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Chickens are key to the plot of Crysis

According to these outtakes, at least. A secret revealed: A spy on the inside: Even marines will find it challenging: Powered by feathers:

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The Ballad of Bossy Chicken

I was woken in the twilight of 6 AM a few Sundays back by what sounded like a really annoyed chicken.  It wasn’t that “BAWWWK BAWK BAWK BAWK BAWK BAWWWWWWWWWWWWWK” noise that means “I’m out of food you lazy bastard, … Continue reading

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Jason fell over for this one – cute photos, chicken addiction

This is a pointer to a great blog post. I won’t spend a lot of text distracting you from the payoff. Go to this chicken blog now and see how the obsession and number of chickens grew (with many cute … Continue reading

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Betsy has a new hero – the cartoonist of

Our faithful Xbox developer who loves chickens, Jim, pointed this site out to Jason and myself. SAVAGECHICKENS.COM!!! He began his career by drawing chickens on stickynotes too! And even more importantly… he has a book! I’ve just bought one for … Continue reading

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Policeman chicken

Remember those days in Oblivion, where if you (like me) f-ed up the transaction between self and storekeeper, or just simply went klepto and took something? ….and somehow the City Guard always knew and were waiting for you outside the … Continue reading

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Chicken man at Xbox festivities

This is badass in an avian sort of way….Remember Halloween’s a coming!

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Check your shoes carefully….

I went out to give the last of my microwave bowl of popcorn (note: no addititves, it’s a great device that just pops kernels you’d use on a stovetop) to the chickens. As I picked my way around the yard, … Continue reading

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Gritty New York City’s Chicken Bar

I did not get a chance to eat at the Chicken Bar, but there’s no way you can say that Chicken Bar character is “chicken.” Too bold and brassy by half…(also loved the strange grafitti behind him)….    

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Hurricane Irene: not something to play chicken with

When I read the article that Belmar NJ mayor told his residents that Irene was not something to play chicken with I realized that playing chicken has no resemblance to true chicken behavior ( at least among the hens – maybe … Continue reading

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