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Check your shoes carefully….

I went out to give the last of my microwave bowl of popcorn (note: no addititves, it’s a great device that just pops kernels you’d use on a stovetop) to the chickens. As I picked my way around the yard, … Continue reading

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Gritty New York City’s Chicken Bar

I did not get a chance to eat at the Chicken Bar, but there’s no way you can say that Chicken Bar character is “chicken.” Too bold and brassy by half…(also loved the strange grafitti behind him)….    

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Hurricane Irene: not something to play chicken with

When I read the article that Belmar NJ mayor told his residents that Irene was not something to play chicken with I realized that playing chicken has no resemblance to true chicken behavior ( at least among the hens – maybe … Continue reading

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Chicken knickknacks on holiday

More from our lovely UK pal Eileen, who has managed to take an actual vacation despite her busy consulting business.  She was taking holiday by The New Forest and apparently they have a lot of chickenalia in the gift shops there! … Continue reading

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Using the churning chickens do on your own behalf

Jason and I have long ago accepted we would not have a normal, bourgeois yard ala the 1950s once we let chickens into our lives. It’s usually a race against time whether the grass grows back before the coop has … Continue reading

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The Cluckshot in Gears of War

You can tell from previous posts that our household is one tied tightly to gamer culture, and at various times, that gamer culture comes full circle and enters the chicken cultural landscape.  Someday, somewhere, some Harvard PhD is going to … Continue reading

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