Bio: Bossy Chicken


Bossy  Chicken is the biggest of the chickens, and the first we captured  after a long chase in the yard where all the other chickens were for sale.  She was trying to make a break for it and leap over the fence into another neighbor’s yard, and she was the first to go into the large dog carrier we had brought to carry the three chickens back.

You can tell Bossy’s eggs because they are mammoth – not double-yolked most of the time, but just big. She is always first to the cage door when there’s popcorn, and she’s the one you think would get the better of a raccoon in a fight for sure.  She’s top in the pecking order literally, and the only time we’ve seen her off her game was when she was molting (and no chicken feels aggressive when molting –it’s like being forced to go naked).

The thing to remember about Bossy is when she pecks – and she will peck after that piece of popcorn on your hand – it won’t hurt. It’s hard to remember though – she’s big and she’s fast.

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