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Make your own chicken cartoon (have an adventure)

A friend pointed out this site to me –– and I found the experience of drawing as well as the adventure they put you in, fab! Go there and draw your own chicken (or stickman, depending on your artistic tastes … Continue reading

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Two chickens bawk as one (apologies to U2 for the lyrics mangle)

  This and the cartoon that will follow in another post have a romance theme. In real life, chickens are not that romantic, but in fantasy chicken life where chickens have eyelashes and wear hair ornaments, anything is possible.  

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Inside the egg….

  I admit, I have always wanted to fly those international flights where they give you a pod to sleep in, rather than the cramped stiffness and sometimes odd smells of coach. This is my chicken interpretation of that impulse… … Continue reading

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Eileen’s finds: chicken knickknacks in Rockport, Mass.

It’s actually been over a week since Eileen Brown hit the states and discovered more chicken knickknacks for us… here are a few from Rockport Massachusetts!    

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Business Chicken’s Ultimate Dream

I was thinking about how rich captains of industry often end up endowing universities as a way of living on for something more than just money. If Business Chicken ever became a mogul like Oprah, I think she’d know what … Continue reading

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The unjust hath the just’s umbrella…

You know that poem: “the rain it falls on the just and unjust/but more so on the unjust fella/the rain it falls more on the just than the unjust/the unjust hath the just’s umbrella”? This is my translation, chicken post-it … Continue reading

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Hooligan chicken, housekeeper chicken, chef chicken…

This from our chicken-raising inspiration, Eileen Brown, UK social media expert. She was visiting the Hotel Antares, Honfleur  and noticed some cute chickens in the gift shop –  some of them have slots in back for money a la piggy bank. … Continue reading

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