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Percy Puffin discovers the Internet

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Chicktionary – Winter Version

Sometimes it’s the little things that crack me up. Like how Club Bing’s Chicktionary has a new look. I kinda hope there’s a snowday because the anagram-finding can get ridiculously addictive.

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Chicken news roundup

  (This is a photo of our chickens, just for fun, in the happier summer days) While a good Samaritan in Maine was able to save the humans when a standalone garage with an attached chicken coop ) caught on fire, seven chickens … Continue reading

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More chicken video game stuff – make your own chicken model!

For all you Maya enthusiasts out there who want to populate your 3D games with a little something- something hella chickeny , here’s a nice resource: http://www.spafi.org/maya-modeling/make-a-chicken-model-using-nurbs-and-sub-divisions  

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Jason fell over for this one – cute photos, chicken addiction

This is a pointer to a great blog post. I won’t spend a lot of text distracting you from the payoff. Go to this chicken blog now and see how the obsession and number of chickens grew (with many cute … Continue reading

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Betsy has a new hero – the cartoonist of SavageChickens.com

Our faithful Xbox developer who loves chickens, Jim, pointed this site out to Jason and myself. SAVAGECHICKENS.COM!!! He began his career by drawing chickens on stickynotes too! And even more importantly… he has a book! I’ve just bought one for … Continue reading

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Make your own chicken cartoon (have an adventure)

A friend pointed out this site to me – http://www.drawastickman.com/– and I found the experience of drawing as well as the adventure they put you in, fab! Go there and draw your own chicken (or stickman, depending on your artistic tastes … Continue reading

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The Egg Lady and the Chicken Man

Maybe I’m just a romantic sap, but I like the idea of Mitzi Perdue – widow of “Chicken Man” Frank Perdue (remember those oven-stuffer-roasters?!!!) is an artist. To be precise, an egg artist – she makes purses out of ostrich … Continue reading

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Strange bonds with chickens

Watching this video, I felt sure at certain points the dog was eating the chicken alive, but as it progresses you realize that the dog is the chicken’s carwash and bedroll.  The second of the series is just as mysteriously … Continue reading

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Do you know your chicken? Know your chicken!

I had heard of Cibo Matto in the 1990’s but they hadn’t really sunk in, if you know what I mean. Japanese girl bands didn’t fit my musical tastes at the time, and I did not have the chicken consciousness I … Continue reading

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