Do you know your chicken? Know your chicken!

I had heard of Cibo Matto in the 1990’s but they hadn’t really sunk in, if you know what I mean. Japanese girl bands didn’t fit my musical tastes at the time, and I did not have the chicken consciousness I have now.

The official MTV video is here (can’t embed, but has silent movie avant garde style dialogue that helps you fully appreciate the chicken lyrics).

Jason found the original J-pop video from the 1990s but in doing more research, I was astonished to find that Cibo Matto had re-united to go on tour in 2011 – and I apparently just missed these guys in Seattle! Who knew!

Know Your Chicken Seattle Style (intro)

Live in Los Angeles at a slightly later show

Never underestimate the rejuvenating power of the chicken song. People remembered that song, and it was apparently a mainstay of the tour! 🙂

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