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RIP Olive Oil aka Startup 2.0 chicken

Jason was worried about her because he feared a bad molt but she was found inside the coop. She had been sluggish due to losing feather so Jason tenderly put her in the coop. But the next morning she was … Continue reading

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Goodbye last of the backups; hello baby chickens

Well the best of chicken lives have to come to an end, and our dearly departed Backup Chicken had a great run at EIGHT WHOLE YEARS! She died in the carrier – we think of heart failure – on the … Continue reading

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Rat War, part 4 (artistic interlude)

Hmmm we had not realized this before, with all the distractions of this spring but… it is in fact, according to Chinese tradition,  THE YEAR OF THE RAT. I am fortunate that I receive annual postcards from Seattle’s amazing poet … Continue reading

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The Rat Wars: Part 3, Trench warfare

Ok, so where we last left off the battlefield was slathered in peanut butter and high hopes of victory.  And indeed the first time Jason put out the peanut butter, he was rewarded with an instant victory – new rat … Continue reading

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Chicken interlude: it happens to be spring

Here in Seattle at the epicenter of the coronavirus, and the butt of a lot of toilet paper jokes (see what I did there? I blame this stupid epidemic), we tend to ruminate more about what’s in front of us … Continue reading

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The Rat Wars: Part 2

Where we last left off our story of conquest, corn and cat laziness, Jason had declared war on the rodent population eating the chicken feed and pooping in our chickens’ coop. (While we call it the Rat Wars, the size … Continue reading

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The Rat/Mouse Wars: Part 1

  It’s true, we haven’t been writing much about the chickens (except a spare vacation photo here and there) this fall and winter. It’s because Jason has been embroiled in the longest running conflict of his pampered urban chicken farming … Continue reading

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Alas we have been negligent in keeping up with the chickens. but thought should post the goodies we found in Hawaii when we visited over the holidays…. the shimmying hula rooster and, hard rocker Ricardo…  

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Olive Oil Chicken is obsessed

We were going to dinner on Saturday and Olive Oil Chicken decided to jump up on the fence and caw at us like mad. Olive oil is a THICC chicken. She then decided to stick her head into the plum … Continue reading

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CHICKEN has leveled up!

CHICKEN has leveled up!  Developed a new SKILL!

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