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The Rat/Mouse Wars: Part 1

  It’s true, we haven’t been writing much about the chickens (except a spare vacation photo here and there) this fall and winter. It’s because Jason has been embroiled in the longest running conflict of his pampered urban chicken farming … Continue reading

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Alas we have been negligent in keeping up with the chickens. but thought should post the goodies we found in Hawaii when we visited over the holidays…. the shimmying hula rooster and, hard rocker Ricardo…  

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Olive Oil Chicken is obsessed

We were going to dinner on Saturday and Olive Oil Chicken decided to jump up on the fence and caw at us like mad. Olive oil is a THICC chicken. She then decided to stick her head into the plum … Continue reading

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CHICKEN has leveled up!

CHICKEN has leveled up!  Developed a new SKILL!

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Generational Turnover

New chicken have arriveed!!2121elenvty    

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Parasite threats

Based on UNSPEAKABLE EVIDENCE, it was determined the chickens had roundworm.  So Business Chicken 2.0 got a free trip to the vet.   She showed off those tail feathers.

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Japanese chicken farm advertising

Seen under the rail tracks in the Ginza district of Tokyo.

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