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Chicktionary – Winter Version

Sometimes it’s the little things that crack me up. Like how Club Bing’s Chicktionary has a new look. I kinda hope there’s a snowday because the anagram-finding can get ridiculously addictive.

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More chicken video game stuff – make your own chicken model!

For all you Maya enthusiasts out there who want to populate your 3D games with a little something- somethingĀ hella chickeny , here’s a nice resource: http://www.spafi.org/maya-modeling/make-a-chicken-model-using-nurbs-and-sub-divisions  

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What I will do for a plush chicken

I don’t normally mix work and offtime but I need to show you this. I first saw this chicken in a coworker’s office. I asked him how he got it and he said “I used to run Club Bing – … Continue reading

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Policeman chicken

Remember those days in Oblivion, where if you (like me) f-ed up the transaction between self and storekeeper, or just simply went klepto and took something? ….and somehow the City Guard always knew and were waiting for you outside the … Continue reading

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Business Chicken Goes to Gamefest

This past week Microsoft held its annual GamefestĀ conference – usually folks from the game industry, developers, students etc all gather round in the Convention Center in downtown Seattle to hear panels and speeches and get updated on the latest technology … Continue reading

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