Business Chicken Goes to Gamefest

This past week Microsoft held its annual Gamefest conference – usually folks from the game industry, developers, students etc all gather round in the Convention Center in downtown Seattle to hear panels and speeches and get updated on the latest technology from Microsoft and other places. (Though of course cause Microsft holds the conference, there’s a lot o’ Microsoft in there. )

Jason went, and that meant because he didn’t have to commute he could sleep later than he wanted to. I of course had to leave on time which means I resorted to my time-honored way of communicating when the spouse is sleeping: chicken cartoon.

Jason can't get over the CHK-2 D-2 robot!

I admit I tried to go for a “Business Cat” -like representation of Business Chicken, which is nothing like she appears in real life of course.

One of the many Business Cat LOL creations


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