What I will do for a plush chicken

I don’t normally mix work and offtime but I need to show you this.

I first saw this chicken in a coworker’s office. I asked him how he got it and he said “I used to run Club Bing – this is from Chicktionary.”

What is Club Bing? Club Bing is a bunch of games related to searching that Bing.com hosts at http://www.clubbing.com (I know it seems like it should be a nighclub site but, no).

So, I wheedled. And wheedled. But he would not give up the chicken. He said “C’mon Betsy… you can just win one for 3,000 tickets.”

So I went over to Chicktionary during my lunch breaks.

It is an anagram, word extraction type game. You create words from the letters you are given and the score/words are kept on the egg rows.  It has a completely over the top twangy theme song and then the sound effects kill me. 🙂  Also, the chickens don’t sit still while they wait for you to type out the words you find.

For a view of what a partially completed game looks like…(there’s no timer, you are just going for higher scores and higher tickets).

Try it out for yourself: http://www.clubbing.com/Pages/Games/GamePlay.aspx?game=Chicktionary&mode=play



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