More chicken cute overload from Kauai

Winter is getting us down here in Seattle so I figured I’d put up some of the cuter pictures from our trip to Kauai aka chicken island that you guys haven’t seen yet. Also, it reminds me what sun is like. 😛

Jason is not one for small babies or puppies but for some reason, baby chicks peeping is his cuteness Waterloo. He will chase chickens around parking lots to see their babies in Kauai.

Because the Kauai chickens interbreed with the Red Jungle Fowl – the true tropical chickens of the island – you get different rooster behavior, we were told. Often domestic chicken roosters are mostly enforcers – they protect the flock but they don’t really pay attention to the babies.

The Red Jungle Fowl roosters do roam the perimeter (note dance step)

But it was also common to see them hang like Yuppie dads in the park. Sometimes more attentive- seeming than mom.

Ah well – we already told the inlaws that they are getting only chicken grandkids out of us, so maybe this kind of chick-fever is in Jason is only natural in that regard. Here’s the panoramic view of the Kauai Chicken family we saw, drinking at the fountain.

Stay warm and keep your chicks close this holiday season!

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