Kauai aka Chicken Island

When Seattle gets too gloomy, we tend to take a vacation that as one of our long suffering house-sitters puts it, allows us to “cheat on our chickens with other chickens.”

The ridiculous thing about Kauai is of course, the sky actually looks like the above.  Since chickens struggle to fly, you will not see them flying in the skyscape, but you will see them doing “chicken takeovers” of various tourist traps.

Because chickens can be so numerous and heartfelt in their clucking for a bit of your tourist chips or snacks, the government has put up signs.

This is what it looks like when chickens see tourists. This parking lot is near the Spouting Horn (think Ol’ Faithful Hawaiian style) which is an attraction also featuring a craft fair nearby.

The above vendor had closed down his booth but that didn’t stop Aggro Chicken from hunting for leftover goodies!

Meanwhile, a rooster felt it necessary to take on a truck. Note the fancy tropical plumage – that rooster has Red Jungle Fowl in its ancestry ( the tropical chicken brought over by the polynesians way before domestic chickens made their way here). The domestic chickens and the Red Fowl have shacked up indiscriminately over the years in the forests of Kauai.

But they will also make due with hedges, gardens, etc.  You can see online that there is a  a lot of debate about where all the chickens on Kauai come from. And not everyone likes them. But we do, since we are tourists. If anything Jason was sad our hotel didn’t have as many chickens around it as last year.

He had to make do with the Grand Hyatt’s black swans.

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