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The new chickens come home

We have a chicken shortage! I headed to Portage Bay Grange here in Seattle to resolve this. Sadly I don’t have the free time to raise really young chicks like these sleeping ones. I caught this one giving me THE … Continue reading

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How to extract maximum humor when demiting your chicken

While Business Chicken is on…..vacation, possibly permanently, life goes on. One of the Backup chickens has scaly looking legs, which is probably mites. We decided to clean both of them and dip their legs in oil to suffocate the mites. … Continue reading

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Business chicken is missing!

Oh no, Business Chicken has flown the coop! Jason let them out a few days ago to run around the yard like they love to do and Business disappeared within a half hour. The neighborhood is now plastered with posters … Continue reading

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RIP Executive Presence Chicken

This afternoon I checked on the chickens as usual and didn’t see Executive Presence (nee Bossy) anywhere. I figured she was laying an egg, so I opened the nest box door; the worried look they give you is fairly hilarious. … Continue reading

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You can lead a chicken to cabbage

….but you can’t make them eat it. They are still eyeing it suspiciously.

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Chicken in the city

A friendly passerby helps a chicken in need. Marc Klein was walking his dog, Cocoa, last Wednesday morning in Central Park when he spotted something rustling in the fallen leaves near the park’s entrance at West 97th Street. It was … Continue reading

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This video will change your life

How to put a diaper on your chicken. No, really.

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Rest in peace, Party Chicken

Sadly, Party Chicken has passed on. (I think it was her at least; the three Barred Rocks look completely identical.) We came back from brunch this morning to find her very lethargic and refusing to move, even when we touched … Continue reading

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Human pullets kidnapping avian avatars

Oh, the poor metal chicken. About 6 a.m. Tuesday a resident in the 200 block of East Florida 100 heard some commotion and saw the three stealing the 9-foot, 600-pound chicken statue. The three hooked the chicken to a Chevrolet … Continue reading

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Goose Eggs Are Serious Business

They are HUGE, HUGE I TELL YOU. Betsy scored a couple, each came in their own used plastic butter container.

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