Madison Wisconsin – hotbed of chicken art

This postcard advertises “Zip-dang The Handmade Menagerie” 2606 Monroe St, Madison Wisconsin  (  The illustration by Marcia Sparks on canvas is called “Chicks” if I read it right.

We are in Madison for reasons other than chickenry, but I was pleased to find in yet another urban environment, chickens have not left the consciousness. Tomorrow you’ll see an even more artistic sign of chicken iconography….


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2 Responses to Madison Wisconsin – hotbed of chicken art

  1. Hi there,
    Just ran across this website and found my art of chickens here. I am the artist that created these and wanted to let you know you can see more at my website
    I love chicken’s!

    Marcia Sparks


  2. Jason McCullough says:

    Oh hey, glad to see you. Thanks for the link.


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