Chickens in Space! – or at least social media

In my day job, I’ve  been known to speak and help people out with online community outreach and social media.

You can imagine my delight  to find that a rubber chicken from NASA’s solar observatory group is in fact giving everyone a run for their social media money.

Her name is Camilla Corona, and she has a twitter , a running blog, and a Facebook page . I stumbled upon her story with this article from UniverseToday .  Her best friend in all the world is the launched Solar Dynamics Observatory and her hope is to visit him someday. Meanwhile, she shares all her studies on solar weather and phenomena with the general public on her blog and elsewhere.

Doesn’t she look the very epitome of a Noble Chicken?!! Move over, Muppet lovers’ Pigs in Space!

Image Credit: Stanford University (link to original page )

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