Not enough chickens on Orcas Island


Gorgeous blue water, sun, ocean breezes. Except if this were Kauai, you’d have seen flocks of wild chickens on the way up to this altitude.  Jason can’t help but compare and Orcas just does not come out ahead on the chicken front. So we went to the gift shops.

3D Artist Show Sign in Eastsound, Orcas Island

Here under a display for an artist show, we located a more unusual wedding anniversay present (maybe 16 years instead of the metal-chicken 15 of the Bloggess?). I present – Concrete  Chicken! A gift that will not oxidize!


Concrete Chicken – An Anniversary Gift that won’t rust

Finally I should show you what we actually bought – courtesy of some Orcas Island felters who also have a shop on etsy BossyFeltWorks  .

Tiny, yet toney. Subtle. Fuzzy.

Felted Chicken by Bossy Felt Works on Orcas Island


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