Chickens in China – Beijing

I recently was lucky enough to go to Asia for work. Most of my photography was for blogs about that work trip but I managed to squeeze in a couple of chicken photos among the events.

We were speeding along corporate hallways to our Silicon Valley Bank event when I saw the above Sheepish Chicken painting. Next to it was the only example of square chickens I have seen to date:


It was driving around Beijing I think that we saw the stacked chicken cages truck, tooling along the road with sadly bawking chickens in it. A chicken’s life in China is not any more pleasant than in the US and I will say that at one restaurant we were given deep fried head of chicken, which only one of our party had the wherewithal to eat.

But even if the chicken’s lot is sad, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t dominate on the art and culture front.

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