Chickens in clothes – harder than it looks

So for Christmas Jason and I decided we’d get on the trendy consumer bandwagon and dress up our chickens. In sweaters. First however I would have to make the recycled sweater chicken garments and for that I needed measurements.

Even if the chicken is the most amenable to being picked up, that doesn’t mean it always goes quietly to the measuring tape. Shy Chicken ran!

Finally there was a decent opportunty to grab Shy and get her in position for the measuring. Jason has the camera and the measuring tape, so what you see here is the “don’t poop on me” towel technique I’m employing to keep the chicken still.

The problem is now to figure out how to make the chicken clothing so it does not choke the chicken but does not fall off either. This posits a range of 11-15 inches for the “neck hole” or “cape circumference” but really the actual chicken neck is way skinnier – the circumference is a lot of feather bulk.

More when we get actual test outfits situated… in the meantime you can see the surreal professional outfitters at work at ChickenSuit.





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