From speaker chicken to chicken invasion!

Jason has taken to letting the hens roam around far more than I feel comfortable with; our nearest neighbor doesn’t mind if they jump the fence (and we make sure to give her plenty of eggs) but I still worry.

I was upstairs doing some chores before a business trip when Jason yells to call me downstairs. “You always want me to take photos of them doing something cute – bring your phone!”

So I get downstairs and what do I find but — Speaker Chicken (I think it’s Party Chicken in disguise but it’s hard to tell, the barred ones look so much alike).


So eventually we shoo her outa there.



But as you can see, the door is open…



And it’s much warmer inside than outside….



So the other barred chickens and business chicken (hard to tell in this light; she’s the rust colored one two chickens back) recon in the living room to think about this “being inside” business.


They cluck around where Speaker Chicken (one of the barred ones) was clucking around originally and then we shooed them out. Mercifully, no poop. Jason was thinking that the way Speaker chicken rooted around in the Xbox/Kinect cables, she was thinking of nesting….

Such are the perils of chickens in the springtime!



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