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Python cartoon

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Chicken and Coffee Series: Who me?

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Chickens and Coffee Series: Edna

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The enchilada of love dreams of chicken

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Goose eggs and pterodactyls

I had my first goose egg about a month ago from a shop in Pike Place Market. It was hard to crack, ginormous, filled the frying pan and delicious. I failed to take a photo but I did draw a … Continue reading

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Jason, Pied Piper of Popcorn!

I first caught site of the chickens following Jason around the other side of the car from this side. They don’t react… until they see the red bowl. At first some were distracted¬†by me taking the photo but in the … Continue reading

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From speaker chicken to chicken invasion!

Jason has taken to letting the hens roam around far more than I feel comfortable with; our nearest neighbor doesn’t mind if they jump the fence (and we make sure to give her plenty of eggs) but I still worry. … Continue reading

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life goes on even when short a chicken

Well, we are still a bit sad about Shy Chicken’s passing but the other two continue to be as clucky and chickeny as ever. Here you see them in “battleship” mode – they find the dirt soothing and scrabble in … Continue reading

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RIP Shy Chicken

About 20 min ago, Jason heard a commotion in the chicken coop. Shy Chicken staggered out apparently, flapping, and fell over with one leg in the air. Jason ran to get me and I put on shoes and also brought … Continue reading

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Gears of Chicken

I’ve commented here before about the love of gamers for random chicken NPC or active characters in their games – but then there’s the reciprocal concept of chickens loving to play video games….      

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