Chicken Oddities Around the Web, including techno classic


Youtube link to this Chicken Techno Video

Wandering around the Internet, you can always find chickens up to something. Above is the classic techno-chicken  giving the TechnoViking a run for his money.

Meanwhile, chickens are saving  a Ugandan village from poverty , turning heads by meriting their own line of clothing , and inspiring outrage after being trapped by the dozen in a car during the heat wave .

If you think abusing chickens is criminal, there’s also suspicious characters who name themselves after chickens…  “Chicken Lips ” (sex offender)  and South Carolina murder suspsect “Chicken Wing.”  And then the items falling in the “not sure what to say except this is gamer culture” category – the World of Warcraft Non-player-character chicken,

and  this blatant display of chicken hate by two Minecraft players for an invading chicken in their mine.

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