More Chicken Resources and Oddities

Every so often, Jason sends me things he finds on the Web that possibly only a chicken lover would love or appreciate.

One recent find is from the UK company where we bought our coop – Omlet – a book that apparently reveals the truth of human-chicken relationships:

100 Ways for a Chicken to Train Its Humans

He also occasionally sends me info from the Backyard Chickens Forum – I can’t say they will have everything you need to know at any given time but they are active and cover a lot of basics.

I of course send him things too. Lately I happened upon a stuffed animal that had a corresponding book – Chicken Butt!  (seen here posing next to My First Bacon for scale, and then alone below that).

Chickenbutt snuggles up to My First Bacon

And alone:

Chickenbutt with helpful tag (referring to his children's book)


But that book and butt is apparently not the only literary work based on a chicken’s back end… there is also Chicken Cheeks coming to a kindergarten near you (and not just talking about chicken hindquarters – other animals are apparently caught up in the plot).

I’m curious to know if other people keep running into chicken gear, or is it because I’m “chicken-sensitized” that this stuff keeps showing itself to me. 🙂

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