Chickens go to the butt doctor, part 2

Ok, so when we last left our photo essay, Jason had taken all three chickens in the dog carrier (we have never owned a dog by the way- perhaps more apt to call it a chicken carrier) to the vet, aka, Exotic and Bird Clinic. We’d entered the mysterious portals via Jason’s great photograhy and are now in the examination room WITH THE CHICKENS!

Jason quote” For some reason the chickens really did not want to come out of the carrier. They made offended chicken sounds.”

And of course all these awe-inspiring vet tools…

Vet tools of the trade

First of course, like your own visits to the doctor, the chicken’s have to be weighed.

Shy Chicken gets weighed


Business Chicken gets weighed. I think that's 2.28 lbs not 228 lbs!

Weighing Bossy Chicken

So far, so good. Everyone seems a healthy weight, even though chickens are just protein balloons with feathers that pop out eggs every day or so….


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