Chickens go to the butt doctor, part 1

I think you may remember that in a prior post, I was concerned about some balding/feather-free spots on Shy Chicken, and especially what seemed like a recurrence of Butt Disease or at least a worrying pecking order agressiveness possibly making an appearance.

Because I was traveling for business I was not there to handle the medical necessities so once again Jason had to do the needful. Before the appointment I begged him: PLEASE take photo! PLEASE take photo! In part because I’ve never seen where he takes them, but also because I have recently seen the Pioneer Woman blog and one thing that Rhee does, is nice photos. She of course makes over a million dollars and can afford to hire photographic help and watch a lot of bull rodeos. Myself, I’m just lucky my husband has a great Canon camera and he’s not afraid to use it (when he remembers to bring it – hence the begging and whining).

Because the photos make the blog post heavy, I figured I’d break them up into two parts.

Shy Chicken tends to be the first in because she’s ironically more approachable and grab-able than the other ones. You see Business Chicken checking her out above.

All three chickens in the dog carrier

Bossy is the last to be capture and in fact escapes from the carrier. Jason says it was the biggest pain in the ass. The only way to think about capturing chicken’s effectively is to think of them as battleships, he says.

It’s not just that they look like battleships when they cool themselves by sitting on the lawn with legs invisible – it’s that they have a hard time turning completely around. So what you have to do is chase the chicken so its facing a wall or somewhere it does not want to go. It has a  hard time turning around, and in that lull of its struggles, you have time to grab it he says.

Eventually Jason manages to stuff them all inside the dog carrier that we brought them to the house with, long ago.  Then, he drives off to the doctor’s office Bird and Exotic Clinic of Seattle .

Bird and Exotic Clinic of Seattle

Our bird doctor for this visit is Tracy Bennett, whom you will see more of during the second post.  Jason said she seemed okay if I went over there one day and did an interview which I think would be fun. Are other urban chicken owners as neurotic as we are?  Inquiring minds will want to know!


Guess what?!! Chicken butt!!

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