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The egg-laying process

This is the cranky look you get when you disturb Business Chicken in the middle of laying one of her blue eggs. Jason said he caught her sitting on Bossy Chicken’s head the other night as they were all nestling … Continue reading

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Just a chicken in an ordinary coop

Our chickens live in a rather upscale, high-tech coop. But I can see them yearning for more, stupidly, even as the neighbor’s dog eyeballs them for dinner. That word is “Gilt” not Sh-t or whatever you might be thinking – … Continue reading

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Can a hepcat be a bird?

A lot of times in the past year my work has taken me to San Francisco – the corporate or technology-driven side, not the Haight-Ashbury or funky California side. I hope someday to meet this chicken.

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Chickens in Space! – or at least social media

In my day job, I’ve  been known to speak and help people out with online community outreach and social media. You can imagine my delight  to find that a rubber chicken from NASA’s solar observatory group is in fact giving … Continue reading

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Chicken Diseases: Shy Chicken’s case of “Blowout”

I know, I know – everytime I see ads for Brazilian Blowouts it seems naughty to me too and I don’t want to ask. But if you are going to have chickens at home, you need to think about some of … Continue reading

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Madison Wisconsin Art Fair on the Square – more chicken art

As mentioned in a previous post, we aren’t in Madison WI for chicken reasons, but as usual, the chicken meme is unstoppable. This piece is in Anne Leuck Feldhaus Studio booth – note the vivid hues and whorl patterns! Chickens … Continue reading

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Madison Wisconsin – hotbed of chicken art

This postcard advertises “Zip-dang The Handmade Menagerie” 2606 Monroe St, Madison Wisconsin  (  The illustration by Marcia Sparks on canvas is called “Chicks” if I read it right. We are in Madison for reasons other than chickenry, but I was … Continue reading

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